The Parish Of Prestatyn

Worshipping God – Loving The Community 

Located on the beautiful North Wales coast, Prestatyn is a busy Parish of The Church in Wales in the Diocese of St Asaph. Our congregations meet at Christ Church (which is the Parish Church, situated on Prestatyn High Street), and the smaller and more intimate Church of The Holy Spirit (situated on Victoria Road, Prestatyn).

We tend to think that Church is definitely about people rather than buildings, and there are many and various activities which happen in the parish such as christenings, baptisms, burials & memorials, details of which you can find in our weekly Pew Leaflets which are published on this site. Our Parish Church is open daily from around 9.15am until 4.15pm and many people call in to enjoy the quiet atmosphere, to light a candle and to say a prayer. We seek to be a welcoming community for people of all faiths and none. Worship in our churches is centred upon the weekly Celebration of the Holy Communion.

Holy Baptisms and Weddings are, of course, a major part of life in our Parish, and if you live in our Parish or have strong links with either of our churches, then these can be arranged at the Vicar’s Surgery. These take place in the Parish Church on the first Wednesday of the month at 6.00pm – 7:00 pm.

If you want to know more, then please contact the Parish Office

A Very Warm Welcome to you from members and friends of the Parish Churches in Prestatyn. We have two congregations: that of The Church of the Holy Spirit, in Victoria Road Prestatyn, and that of Christ Church, the Parish Church on the High Street.
Prestatyn has created a Parish in 1860 and the Parish Church was consecrated in 1863. The Church of the Holy Spirit dates from 1968 and it serves the large community in the west end of the town. The Parish Church is open daily for prayer and quiet meditation. There is an invitation for visitors and parishioners alike to “come in, light a candle, and say a prayer.”

Below you will find details of our weekly services in both churches. If you are new to the area we warmly invite you to COME & JOIN US. You can learn more about our churches from the  Prestatyn Parish.

1. Christ Church

2.Church of Holly Spirit.

Rev'd D Quentin Bellamy

MA BMus Cert Theol [Oxon]Our Clergy can be contacted at


The Vicarage, 109 High Street, Prestatyn LL19 9AR


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How did Christianity change the world?

How did Christianity change the world?

We live in a world with uncountable faiths and beliefs, while most of them seem hard to understand employing complex rituals if there is one religion that people unanimously celebrate, its Christianity. People of various ethnicities participate in the holy events of this religion and offer prayers. Apart from the fact that this religion is in steady practice for more than 2000 years and has a large base of followers this religion had something in it that left an impact in the minds of people across generations.


Restoring humanity

The holy book of Christians is largely bifurcated into the Old Testament and the new Testament. Though the old testament portrayed this as a religion with a tough set of rules, the whole of New Testament, the segment that begins with the birth of Jesus Christ sidelined the old rules and paved a new way, a path that was doused in love, compassion, and forgiveness. Practicing what he preached, Jesus Christ spoke all his life about true love and fellowship and finally sacrificed his life for the betterment of mankind. This act in history is the true portrayal of what Christianity is all about. His hand picked parables like the prodigal son, the good Samaritan and his Sermon on the Mount spoke about love and humanity are still quoted by people belonging to different faiths and disciplines in life.

Voluntary Service Organizations

When this religion started spreading, there came in a lot of voluntary charitable organizations all around the world. People of this faith who took priestly vows in life started a lot of educational institutions educating people as a part of their charity and improved the rate of literacy in various places. There are still a lot of such Christian NGO’s that work for the betterment of the downtrodden people and take care of the old and abandoned people. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Old age homes and orphanages gave the needy a roof to live under. The life of Mother Teresa stood as a testimony to what this faith spoke about. She was loved and adored by the whole world for the way she defined the word ‘service.’

The Golden rule of Christianity:

Most of the books in Bible speak from a general viewpoint making it easy for people of various ethnicities grasp its essence easily. The Holy Bible still tops the list of top selling books and has been translated into almost all recognizable languages. But this huge book just emphasizes one point. People need not have to lead a saintly life; it is enough if we can make a genuine attempt to live as good human beings. So there is this one biblical rule that summarizes what the whole bible tries to tell you, or what all faiths drop down to. So here it goes, ‘Love your neighbor, as you love yourself.’  If an individual can put this rule to practice, nothing more is required to make the world a better place to live.

Christianity – A religion that claims to be the largest

Christianity – A religion that claims to be the largest

Christianity, a religion which centers around Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed by the Christians as the Son of God, while people of various other beliefs consider him a Prophet. Either way, the existence of this Man in the world history left an indelible mark. It is with this Man the time was divided into BC that is Before Christ and A.D Anno Domini or the simply After Death. Though not for the Jesus himself or the great ancestors who followed this religion, it was the principles and core concepts of this religion that attracted people in a large scale.  The religion had a humble beginning, but now it is the largest religion claiming to have more than 2.4 billion followers all over the world.


The spread of Christianity:

The roots of Christianity grew from the soil of Jerusalem and nearby places where Jesus and his disciples traveled preaching the principles of this religion, through parables and short stories. Jesus performed miracles wherever he went like curing the sick, healing the blind and mute and even raising the dead. This is how the people began following Jesus Christ. Every time he preached he stressed the values of forgiveness, love, helping the needy and true devotion. He practiced what he preached and lived an exemplary life and made the ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of human race.

After His death and ascension, his devoted disciples took the task of spreading the religion and preaching people the true ideals of Christianity. But it was not so easy because the early Jews never believed in the words of Jesus Christ and slammed his ideologies. They hated the fact that Jesus was able to attract masses and had a true set of followers. Growing green with envy they strongly believed that his death would put an end to all this confusion, but when his disciples stepped into His shoes, they grew furious and staged mass murders. A lot of true followers of Christianity were martyred in inhuman ways after being tortured. However, during the 4th century, the Roman Emperor Constantine saw the strength of this religion and decided to make his people follow this religion unanimously, though he was himself a Pagan worshipper. After this, the religion and its book, the Holy Bible took a definite form, and proper practices came into effect. True followers of this faith traveled to distant places and preached the religion.

Christianity now:-

Christianity is no more a regional belief, the followers of this faith are found in every nook and corner of the world. Now the religion has evolved a lot and is split into various divisions professing different opinions under the same tag Christianity. Also, it is believed that some groups of this faith have adopted unethical means calling for conversion, painting a gray picture over the religion. People must have the liberty to practice the faith they prefer, with all their heart and at free will.