Christianity, a religion which centers around Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed by the Christians as the Son of God, while people of various other beliefs consider him a Prophet. Either way, the existence of this Man in the world history left an indelible mark. It is with this Man the time was divided into BC that is Before Christ and A.D Anno Domini or the simply After Death. Though not for the Jesus himself or the great ancestors who followed this religion, it was the principles and core concepts of this religion that attracted people in a large scale.  The religion had a humble beginning, but now it is the largest religion claiming to have more than 2.4 billion followers all over the world.


The spread of Christianity:

The roots of Christianity grew from the soil of Jerusalem and nearby places where Jesus and his disciples traveled preaching the principles of this religion, through parables and short stories. Jesus performed miracles wherever he went like curing the sick, healing the blind and mute and even raising the dead. This is how the people began following Jesus Christ. Every time he preached he stressed the values of forgiveness, love, helping the needy and true devotion. He practiced what he preached and lived an exemplary life and made the ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of human race.

After His death and ascension, his devoted disciples took the task of spreading the religion and preaching people the true ideals of Christianity. But it was not so easy because the early Jews never believed in the words of Jesus Christ and slammed his ideologies. They hated the fact that Jesus was able to attract masses and had a true set of followers. Growing green with envy they strongly believed that his death would put an end to all this confusion, but when his disciples stepped into His shoes, they grew furious and staged mass murders. A lot of true followers of Christianity were martyred in inhuman ways after being tortured. However, during the 4th century, the Roman Emperor Constantine saw the strength of this religion and decided to make his people follow this religion unanimously, though he was himself a Pagan worshipper. After this, the religion and its book, the Holy Bible took a definite form, and proper practices came into effect. True followers of this faith traveled to distant places and preached the religion.

Christianity now:-

Christianity is no more a regional belief, the followers of this faith are found in every nook and corner of the world. Now the religion has evolved a lot and is split into various divisions professing different opinions under the same tag Christianity. Also, it is believed that some groups of this faith have adopted unethical means calling for conversion, painting a gray picture over the religion. People must have the liberty to practice the faith they prefer, with all their heart and at free will.